As a qualified Agilent Technologies Channel Partner, we work together
with Agilent Technologies, the acknowledged leader in test and measurement equipment, to provide you with innovative test solutions of the highest quality.

We provide standard test platforms in areas such as power supply and BluetoothTM device test, and we can also develop customized test solutions
to cater to your unique requirements.




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The EB-2010 BluetoothTM Test System is designed for
high-volume manufacturing test of Bluetooth devices and modules.
It is a flexible and scaleable functional test system based on
Agilent Technologies test equipment.

The EB-2010 base system includes a rack, PC controller, E1852B BluetoothTM test set, DC power supply, ES-1000 test management software platform, test library, and a single head test chamber with control module for performing conducted RF measurements.

Its modular design allows you to configure the system to meet
your exact test requirements. By adding options to the base system configuration, you can increase test coverage for additional RF, DC or audio tests. Options are also available to perform radiated measurements and enhance test throughput with a second test head.


      The EC-5001 is a generic test chamber and fixture designed for
      high-volume manufacturing test of wireless devices and modules. It
      is deal for mixed products testing as the chamber can be re-used by
      just swapping its fixture. 

      The EC-5001 is targeted for Bluetooth and wireless LAN device test
      systems that require good RF isolation and easy fixture change-over.
      Its major components are a drawer that slides in and out of the
      chamber; a product-specific UUT nest, a product-specific upper
      fixture block, and a push-up cylinder.
      Among the features of the EC-5001 are self-alignment capability for
      all moving parts; air pressure control, RF filtered connectors, and
      built-in electronic ID. The chamber can cater for both conducted or
      radiated measurements.

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      The EP-3000  is a proven and reliable DC-DC converter test system based on Agilent
      Technologies'power supply measurement equipment. It supports multi-site testing for high throughput,
      and has a comprehensive test library that provides standard power supply production test functions
      such as voltage regulation, output ripple, low input shutdown, short circuit current and many more.
      The system supports low output voltage operation and features a mechanical short design that allows
      low short circuit current impedances to be achieved.

      There exists a wide range of DC-DC converter products. Our system engineering expertise
       will help you to ensure that your test system is set up and customized for your high-mix test
      requirements in the shortest possible time. Agilent instruments' proven performance and reliability,
      coupled with the EP-3000's user-friendly diagnostic features will help minimize your system downtime
      and optimize system usage for a long time.


      The ES-1000 is a user-friendly Test Management Software
      Platform that allows you to streamline your test processes
      and re-use existing test libraries. This platform is suitable
      for running functional test applications for all types of
      electronic products, modules or devices. It standardizes and
      simplifies basic functions such as test sequence editing,
      calibration, reporting and diagnostics.

      The ES-1000 allows you to develop your test libraries and
      specifications separately and link them in a test plan to run
      automated test sequences. The user interface and reporting
      features can be customized to meet your unique
      requirements. Its simple production test interface is easy to
      operate, making it suitable for the high-volume
      manufacturing environment.

      This platform supports dual head and multi-site
      testing. Test data may be logged to fuss-free text files or
      to database tables for archival. It is fully networked,
      with plug-ins for interfacing with automated
      handlers or conveyor systems.


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